Cold Roll Forming

Cold Roll Forming

AS a professional and experienced roll forming supplier, we produce all kinds of steel plate tooling machinery and coiling production lines. After many years' development on cold roll forming mill, our technology reach first rate in China. Cold rolled steel form machine become our feature products together with other matched equipments such as uncoiler, roll feeder, roll straightener, stacker, conveyor, CNC flame/plasma cutting machine etc.

Award: We are the permanent trustee of China Cold Roll Rorming Mill Association, who blazes a way in the high-tech field in China. We had got the ISO 9001 certificate.

We at Gemco can offer you timely projects and technical service during the whole process of your purchasing and using. Hope Gemco accompany you to create a bleft future.


Steel Framing Equipments

cold roll forming mill
Mezzanine Deck roll forming line
Door and Shelf cold rolled steel form machine
Sandwich Panel cold roll forming mill
Roof and Wall metal roll former
Glazed Tile cold roll forming mill
Sandwich Panel cold roll forming mill
C Z Purlin metal roll former
Changeable-roller forming machine
Rainspout Gulter Plate metal roll former

Anode Plate Roll Forming Equipments

cold roll former
480, ZT24 Anode Plate cold roll forming line
Restraining Dust cold roll forming mill
3256 Anode Plate metal roll former

Cable Bridge Equipments

metal roll former
Groovy Bridge roll forming machine
Echelon Side cold rolled form line

Auto Sections forming equipments

roll forming mill
Auto Carriage, Side Plate and Flour Plate roll forming line


cold roll forming line
Oil Tank Captured Electric Hexagon Plate roll forming line
Holistic Carriage Board cold roll forming mill
Floor Side Frame Sections metal roll former
Speedway Guardrail roll forming machine
Precise roll forming sections series

Coil Sections Roll Forming Equipments

cold roll forming equipments
Uncoiler, leveler, cut-to length, stacker production line
Uncoiler, section shear, recoiler production line
Automatic punch equipment
Cillocation machine
Series CNC flame/plasma cutting machine

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