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Fodder Cutter For Sale

GC series Plate Chaff Cutting Machine - Track Mounted

fodder cutter for sale


GC series Plate Chaff Cutting Machine - with Diesel Generator


GC series Plate Chaff Cutting Machine - with Electrical Motor

Parts for GC series Fodder Cutter for Sale

cutter parts

Cutter of Fodder Cutter

chain parts

Chain of Fodder Cutter


Features Specifications of Multifunctional Forage Cutter:
Silage crop cutter, hay cutter, silage harvester, Multifunctional forage cutter, forage cutter, Forage chopper Model GC-6A Mini-cutter is mainly used for cutting the green & dry grass, dry corn stalk, straw etc. it is a ideal equipment for farmer use

GC Multifunctional Chaff Cutters are mainly used for cutting the green/dry corn straw, rice straw, all kinds of stalk and grass for animal. It’s suitable for the farm and smallholder.


Main Characteristic
1.Entire steel structure,  small & light, easy portable
2.Special device to ensure the safety on operating
3.The grass roller adopts cross shaft, has the advantage of compact structure, running agility, simple installing
4.Multi-choice on power, motor, diesel engine and tractor are ok. It especial suit for the electric scarce area
5.The blade adopts high quality steel, through special technology processing, it is Super Wear-Resistant and fixed by high strength bolt to ensure the safety when running
6.High performance-cost ratio

Scope of Application
Green&dry corn straw, rice straw, cotton straw, wheat straw, oat straw, all kinds of stalk and pasture grass for animal.

Technical data:
GC-0.4 Multifunctional Chaff Cutters
Capacity: 0.5-1.3TPH
Power: 1.5kw/220AC/50HZ/1 Phase
Installation size: 953×344×800mm

GC-2.5 Multifunctional Chaff Cutters
Capacity: 1-2.5TPH
Power: 4kw/380ACmotor or 12HP
Packing size: 510*982*1050mm

GC-4 Multifunctional Chaff Cutters
Capacity: 1.5-4TPH
Power: 5.5kw/380ACmotor or 15HP
Packing size: 630*1010*1300mm

GC-6A Multifunctional Chaff Cutters
Capacity: 3.5-9TPH
Power: 7.5kw/380ACmotor or 20HP
Packing size: 755*1600*2750mm