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AGICO Won Themselves the Social Contribution Award

AGICO received the Social Contribution Award
On May 19, 2014, Tianshuijing Subdistrict office, a subdivision of Wenfeng District, held the "2013 annual assembly for summary & commendation and target setting", where the officials of the CPC Working Committee awarded AGICO Branch the "Social Contribution Award" certificate.
Every company cannot be separated away from the support of the community while pursuing economic interests. Protection of vulnerable groups, care for child, support for public welfare... All of these are the social responsibility to be shouldered. The AGICO Branch of CPC has conducted many meaningful social activities since established, the topic of which is related to the production and the festivals. They have
"Warmed the elderly" before the Spring Festival - visited the elderly in the nursing home;
"Cared for children with disabilities" on the International Children's Day - visited Children in the Social Welfare Institute and sent them necessary life items;
Aided the poor college students before the semester began;
Focused on employees' health - invited doctors from Anyang Vasculitis Hospital to give the staff a medical examination.
All of these beneficial public activities conducted by AGICO Branch have sent the best care and blessings to the vulnerable groups and all the staff of AGICO, which won the honor for itself and were widely praised by the community.