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AGICO-vegetable oil mill supplied for the New Year

Scientific and technological innovation is the engine of the development of any industry, and oil mill industry is one of them, the research and development department is the most important section of the top machinery manufacturers, with new technologies adopted, the cost of manufacturing equipments could be reduced and the efficiency of the oil mills could be improved, with the new type of vegetable oil mills developed, in the year of 2012, AGICO becomes one leading supplier of oil mill equipments, including the industrial use oil mill equipments and small home use oil press machines.


More enquiries comes in the weeks of black Friday, the Christmas and the dooms day, and with the customers’ feed backs on the great experiences with the AGICO oil mill machines, the prospect of AGICO in 2013 seems to be more promising, 2012 is a great milestone for AGICO, now it is a new starting point, with the effort from D&R department and the hard working workers, AGICO can do better in the next year, if you want to know the vegetable oil mills better, send an email now or click on the products pages to see more.