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Advantages of our Briquetting Machine Press System

Advantages of our(GEMCO) Briquetting Machine Press System
• Briquettes in accordance to DIN 51731
• Briquettes of uniform size and hardness
• Due to the new form, the briquettes can be easily stacked for shipment, neat packaging, more efficient utilization of storage space.
• Possible to feed materials up to 40 mm grain size.
• Not sensitive to foreign substances
• Possibility of adjusting to higher levels of performance
• Rugges construction, mounted on a massive frame and ready to switch on, no foundation needed.
• Performance metered by an electronically regulated screw conveyor, also for various kinds of waste materials.
• Low electrical load due to a high efficiency hydraulic system with exceptionally low operating noise.
• Low wear because counterpressure is not created by friction.
• In cold starting, no adjustment necessary; for this reason, automatic interval operation possible.

Briquette Press
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