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Biodiesel Making Machine

Bio-diesel is a renewable energy source. It is made from vegetable oil and animal oil by catalysis reaction. In fact, not only the oil plants such as soya and rapeseed, but also the scrap cooking oil (subsurface channel oil, hogwash oil) in hotel and restaurant, living garbage, used plastic, old tyre, straw and so on can used to produce bio-diesel.

As a green regenerated energy source, bio-diesel is important to environment care. It has wide used foreground.  Our technology of producing bio-diesel including 3 kinds:
1. The technology of producing bio-diesel by acidifying oil (subsurface channel oil, hogwash oil)
2. The technology of producing bio-diesel by animal / vegetable oil
3. The technology of producing bio-diesel by rancidity oil

Our biodiesel machine / biodiesel making machine is of high quality.  The raw material are of strong adaptability. The two-stage methyl-esterifying process using different catalysts can process not noly the high quality raw material like the vegetable oil but interior raw material mainly as waster oil and acidified oil. Relatively advanced short-path distillation equipment is adopted, increasing the distillation yield  of methyl ester to a large extent. The  phenomenon that the acid value in  products is high and fails to meet the international standard BD100 exists.


Biodiesel Making Machine Specifications

1. The daily processing capacity of 20-500MT
2. Strong adaptability
3. Energy consumption