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Biodiesel Production Equipment

High quality biodiesel production equipment are supplied by Gemco,we can also provide professional biodiesel production line and other biodiesel machines. Below is one of our customer enquiries about biodiesel production equipment.
I bother about my desire to purchase a full line of biodiesel production equipment, for which I have not found anywhere else in the group sites clear information about the company in the group dealing with such biodiesel production installations. In this situation, I find myself compelled to write to you hoping that you'll help me find and introduce biodiesel production equipment. The capacity of the complete biodiesel production line (the cold production oil line+ biodiesel production line) will be at start approx. 10000 l/day maximum 16 h per day and the raw materials will be: rapeseed, soybean, sunflower and corn. 
I need an answer as soon as possible and if we need more info about biodiesel production equipment, please contact me, so I look forward to your response. 
Best regards,