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Biomass Briquette Machine--Biomass material

Biomass Briquette Machine--Biomass material
Gemco product biomass briquette machine which can be used to press biomass material into bar briquette, pellet etc.
Biomass material:
Groundnut-shell, Sugarcane Biogases, Caster Shells/Stalk, Saw dust, Coffee Husk, Paddy Straw, Sunflower Stalk, Cotton Stalks, Tobacco waste Mustard Stalk, Jute waste, Bamboo Dust, Tea waste, Wheat Straw, Palm husk, Soybeans husk, Coir Pitch Barks/Straws, Rice Husks, Forestry wastes, Wood Chips and many other Agro wastes.
Normally, the Complete Biomass Briquetting Plant  includes the following equipments: Blade Crusher/Hammer Mill---Sawdust Dryer---Briquette Press---Carbonization Bar Furnace---Briquettes Packing Machine