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Cold Roll Forming Machine Industry Current Situation

Cold roll forming machine produces steel product that can bear more weight or strength with less steel needed. It makes the structure more strong while the weight is lighter. It was started as one small branch of the steel processing industry, now it can be called a supporting technology of the steel processing.

Cold roll forming machine is one main type processing equipments of the steel industry, it is known to all that iron and steel processing plant would cause environmental problems for the use of large quantities of coal and other fuels. The research and promotion of using cold roll forming panel in the construction of buildings has accelerated the speed of overcapacity, although it might not be the main cause.

Cold-formed steel classification: from the cross-sectional shape, there are openings, semi-closed and closed, and the main products are cold-formed channel steel, angle steel, Z section steel, cold-wave plate, square tube, rectangular tube, welding shaped pipe, rolling shutters and so on. Most produced cold-formed steel parameters are as follows: the thickness of less than 6mm, width less than 500mm.