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Crashing of the oilseeds-oil material pretreatment

Oilseeds-crashing is an essential process in the oilseeds pretreatment; it helps breaking the seed’s shell and skin to prepare for softening and flaking sections, in order to have a better softening and flaking effect, the crashing effect should be controlled specifically.

If the oil material particle size is too big or too small, the softening and flaking process would be affected greatly, for example: soybean should be 4~6 pieces, peanut should be 6~8 pieces in similar sizes. Also the pieces after processed should be scattered but not sticking together, oil should not be crashed out of the particles. If we can accomplish all these, the oil material pretreatment effect would be better.  

There’re 3 main methods to achieve the results above: pressing, grilling and ramming, the corresponding equipments are roll crushing machine, disc crushing machine and hammer crushing machine. For a higher efficiency and better crashing effect, the roll crusher is always the best choice. As different seeds have different water and impurity contain and many other characteristics, the crusher working state should be adjusted by changing the roller of the appropriate shapes and correcting the distance between the teeth rollers to achieve the best results.
A good start is half success, so is the edible oil production, doing the oil material pretreatment carefully will definitely improve the oil quality and reduce the power consumption.