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Degumming and Neutralization

Degumming and Neutralization
The filtered crude oil will be pumped into the mixer, multi-effectiveness at a controlled rate and to about 90oC for deodorized oil saver / steam heat exchanger and heated in the oven. A self-flange-back is installed in the line of oil to protect the pump and measuring instruments. Phosphoric acid is a controlled rate and intensive contacts with the oil injected into the blender acid precipitation gum primarily phospholipids and other impurities hydrophilic colloid. The reaction of the acid and the oil is produced in the reaction vessel, the pump delivers the reaction mixture after the heat exchanger, before you use harsh cool. The acid conditioning and / or oil reacts with sodium hydroxide solution at a controlled rate injected into the reservoir after the mixer Reactine caustic lye neutralizes acids and free fatty acids and minerals in excess in the oil. The formation of soap is removed along with excess sodium hydroxide and other impurities in the spacer.
The neutralized oil contains small amounts of residual soap which must be minimized before further processing.  The oil is therefore contacted with soft hot water in the high-speed Wash Mixer. With this way, almost all soap is dissolved in the water phase and removed from the oil in the Wash Separator.
The washed oil contains about 0.4% of dissolved water. If the oil will go directly to bleaching, the wet oil can preferably be transferred to the bleaching section directly without removal of the dissolved water.
However, if the oil is to be stored for some time before further processing, it should be protected against deterioration by drying and cooling before storage. In that case the oil from the washing stage is sprayed into a Vacuum Dryer where residual moisture is reduced to a minimum.