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Description of plate filter press

The filter press is typical pressure filtration equipment in intermittent operation, which is applicable for various suspending solid liquid separation.

It is composed by arrangement of filter plate (box type) and filter frame (sheet frame type), and its operational principle is to press the suspending liquid (liquid material) into every filter cells under the force of feed pump, then separate the solid and liquid with filter medium (generally use the filter cloth, and can also use the filter paper, filter membrane and etc.). There are also general filter plate and membrane filter plate for the box type. The filter press is widely used in the field of sewage treatment for a great many industries including oil, chemical industry, pharmacy; sugar refining, metallurgy, food, starch, coal washing, dye, and paint etc.

This filter press can filter different kinds crude oil pressed in oil mills. Under the pressurization of oil pump, this filter press can separate the impurity through the filtration. It not only takes shorter time, but also reduces the impurity in the oil to the minimum limit after filtration. If parts of the filter cloth is damaged and cloudy crude oil is found flowing our from an oil nozzle, simply close an oil nozzle without need of stopping the whole machine for repair. This filter press is the oil filtrating equipment most generally used in oil mills.

The filtration part is composed of several filter plates as well as the filter cloth, and is arranged on the main beam in certain order.

The materials are fed into each filter cells from feeding hole on the thrust plate, the solid particles are cut off in the filter cake, the liquid then is discharges from the liquid hole though filter cloth. There is an outlet hole under the lower parts of each filter plate, water nozzles are also equipped, and the liquid is discharged from water nozzles of each filter plate.