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Fire Safety issues in large wheat flour milling plant

One frequently happened disasters that happened in large flour milling plant is fire, once it happened, it would cause serious property loses and sometimes even human lives. In order to prevent it, you have to get to know how the fire is started first.
In large wheat flour milling plant, each processing progress is separated and connected in a better way than small flour mill plants, it is more well designed and organized. On one hand, the risks are reduced, but when dealing with safety issues, one can never be too careful, more damage could be done to larger flour mill plant.
Improper electricity use:
Since all flour processing equipments are powered by electricity, the circuit design has to be done by the professionals, the machines shall not work over-load and no extra wire shall be connected.
Fire and fire source are forbidden in the workshop, except this, there are other equipment faults, iron stuff get into equipment which is working at high speed. If fire can’t be avoided, the production shall be shut down and high degrees of precaution measures shall be taken.
Fire safety issues still occurs in some flour milling plant, even with so many prevention experiences, the good thing is accident rate is much lower than before.  

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