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Five Production Safety Tips You Should know with Pellet Machines

The pellet machine is the key equipment in the pellet mill plant, as the some of the products are used as an alternative fuel, like wood pellets, in the production, safety is the primary factor to consider. There are two kinds of dangers, one is about the operation of pellet mill, the other is about the workshop environment.

No bare hands-operation  
When the raw material got stuck in the feeder, don't put hand into it to stir, use a shovel or stop the machine first.

Regularly check machine parts
The machine can be damaged when running with spare parts which are severely worn, make sure all parts are in good conditions.    

On time clean and maintain
Each time after the production is finished, the material residue in the machine should be cleaned for the next production.

Keep the working environment dry and no acid-air
Water and acid are the main factors that would cause rusty of the machine's material, the machine's service life can be lengthened with a clean and dry environment.

Keep fire out of the workshop
It is very unwise to have any kind of fire to occur in the workshop, some people might don't think so, but fire accidents really happened before.

It can be very dangerous for people to get the pellet machine running without knowing the safety tips, so these are the free tips from biodiesel.com for you to keep the production safe, and more importantly the safety of the workers.