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General Knowledge on Bio-Energy You Should Know About-part II

In the last article we get to know all the basic conceptions of bio-energy, this article is going to explain why we are developing bio-energy industry and how we can do it.

As we all know, charcoal, oil and natural gas possesses almost 90% of world’s fuel consumption, the data from the IEA implies that each one of these takes about 30%, but the problem is these fuels are not renewable and with the fast development of modern industries in developing countries, the consumption has been increasing at a incredible speed every year, but by developing the bio-energy, we can reduce the fuel independence on fossil fuels and insure the national fuel security; we can reduce the green house effect and slow down the global warming speed, and it is foreseeable that bio-energy will be the main fuel in the fuel structure in future as a renewable source.

There are 3 main methods that we can use to turn the biomass matters into fuels, physical transformation, chemical transformation and biological transformation.

Physical transformation means the solidify progress of the biomass matter, the materials made into pellet or briquettes with high pressure by pellet mill or briquette making machines, this method has resolved the storage and transportation problem of low density biomass materials.

Chemical transformation is about the liquefaction of biomass matter, extraction oil from oil plants, pyrolysis technology and bio-fermentation, it is realized by transform the Macromolecular organic polymer into small molecular organic polymer.

Biological transformation mainly refers to the gasification of biomass matter; methane fermentation and pyrolysis-gasification, the products are methane and methanol.