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General Knowledge on Bio-Energy You Should Know About

Bio-energy means to the solar energy stored in the biomass in chemical form, the energy is transformed from the solar energy and exits in the organic matter like plants, animals and alga. Except for the mineral fuel in the biomass, all other energy contained matters are bio-energy materials, the bio-energy materials usually refers to wood, forest waste, agriculture waste, aquatic plants, oil plants, industry and city organic waste, animal manure.

The amount of biomass energy resources created with the solar energy on earth is about 1730 tons; the energy contained in these biomass matters is about 10 times of the world’s total energy consumption, with the utilization rate below 3%.

Biomass energy has been one important and reliable energy resource in people’s lives, except for the resources like charcoal, oil and natural gas, biomass takes a significant place in the energy system.

Some biomass like wood, plant’s stalk can be used as fuel directly without further process; others like the agriculture and forest waste can be processed to pellets or bio-charcoal briquettes, garbage and alga can be used to make fuel in liquid or gas form with pyrolysis technology. The biomass amount is much more than the other forms of energy, but the utilization rate is very low, bio-energy research has become one of the hottest projects in many countries, AGICO is one of the Chinese companied which had been developing this technology and manufacturing many machines and equipments like pellet mills, wood pellet plant, biomass gasification power plant, etc, and thus realized the commercialization of some of the biomass energies.