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How to Use the Hydraulic Press Machine in the Right Way

The new type hydraulic press machine in the market now has the advantages of low power consumption, less space needed for production, realized the auto production process(connected with the computer controlling system); the simple structure, long service life, oil quality is better than most of the other machines. As a new hydraulic press user, the following are the operation instructions for you:
  1. External power supply line has to be reliable; the electric wire layout shall be rational.
  2. Check whether the top board is closed before starting the equipment.
  3. If the machine begins to strenuous vibrate or you are hearing unusual noises, shut down the machine, check the screw around the engine and the tunnel to see if the oil is leaking.
  4. If the power source is 380v, the protective zero line shall be connected, and the power direction need to be reversed.
  5. Check the pressure meter, the production shall be stopped immediately, send a specialist the repair it. 
  6. Don’t open the electric appliance cabinet or fuel tank cover while the machine is running.