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How to monitor the flour mill plant production

Flour production process could only remain steady with proper monitor and adjustment, that’s why an experienced operator could affect the flour yield and the flour quality a lot. In the flour mill plant, flour quality is decided by many factors: moisture of air, accuracy of the weighing device, air pressure balance in and out of the workshop, etc. Here are the details of how these factors are going to affect the flour production.
Moisture of air: it could fit into any kind of flour production-ideal moisture range is between 60%-65%, it can be realized by air conditioner and recycling system.
Accuracy of weighing device: In workshop, the wheat feeding amount, flour product yield and by product weight shall be weighted and monitored. Out of the workshop: the raw wheat that conveyed and the final packaged product shall be weighted.
Air pressure balance: if the air pressure in the workshop is higher than the outside, dust and small particles of raw material will leak from the flour milling machine, it could cause flour loss and pollution in the workshop. Dust removing tunnel is not designed or installed well: dust will discharged into the air and causing air pollution, raw material consumption will rise too.