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Is coconut oil healthy or not?

Some people believe that coconut oil is unhealthy oil for the saturated fatty acid in it, some other people don’t agree to that opinion. Let’s find out the truth with the fact.
Several decades ago, most of the residents of the islands of the South Pacific used to be healthy, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and many other illnesses were very rare, with the westerners coming, changes happened to the eating habits of the people, the illnesses above showed up more often than before, but what was interesting is-it didn’t happen to the people who kept their old eating habits, the major difference of the 2 habits is that their traditional food contains large quantities of coconut oil and coconut. Coconut is the most popular food in the islands of South Pacific, the coconut oil is used in cooking food, the local people believe that it has medical effect and is used in many prescriptions. Later the western scientist start to do tests on this magical oil, it is used in treating the patients with digestion and absorb problems, one special effect of the coconut oil is that it is the only one oil product with low heat values, so people who want to lose weight should choose it as the cooking oil.
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