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Pellet Raw Materials

Pellet Raw Materials
For the future market development, the issue of pellet raw materials and its price will be crucial. Presently, the main raw material for pellets is sawdust, however current sawdust resources are becoming increasingly utilised. One solution would be importing saw dust from China, Russia or Southern America. However, concerns about sustainable forestry and long transport routes might lead to a loss of consumer trust and support by public policies.
Another option is to use other raw materials. Agricultural products and residues, such as straw, hay, miscanthus or energy crops -so-called agri-pellets -have been at the centre of attention of the pellet community in the past years. Unfortunately, all of them are much harder to burn cleanly than wood, therefore -due to the emission legislation -significant product development is required before mass use in most European countries will be possible.
Another promising option are other forest residues, such as wood chips or log wood, and short rotation forests. First experiences are already available in Sweden and Italy where poplar or willow are planted.