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Physical Refining

Working Principal: It’s a kind of distillation. The FFA is removed by vapour in vacuum condition when the vapour distilled.

Features:1The techonology is simple

       2) Low consumption of raw & additive material with higher output.

       3) Avoiding the oil saponification with high refining efficiency and can keep the final oil more stable.

       4)Can get high quality FFA without polluted water arisen.

Ways: There’re two way. They’re bath & continous

Working Condition: The equipment is same as deodor section.. Normally, it’s finished with the deodor section? at the same time at same equipment under the compeletly vacuum condition. The overplus pressure must be 0.27-0.40KPαoperation temperature is 130--270. The oil must be pretreated before deacid. It must be degummed, bleached, dephosphored. The oil after pretreatment must meet the following requirement: P5ppm,Fe0.1ppm,Cu0.01ppm