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Portable Biodiesel Processor Application In Daily Life

Portable biodiesel processor is an independently researched and developed product of AGICO GROUP, and now it is the time for green and clean energy to grow: as various oil plants are being researched to produce high quality biodiesel, and the used vegetable oils from the kitchen around every corner of the world is causing pollution problems, when they can be recycled and be used in bio-diesel production, why flush them away?
Why Make The Biodiesel Processor Portable
Portable Biodiesel Processor don’t have very large capacities, for now, it is the logical choice: the waste oil recycling system and the biodiesel market hasn’t become mature yet; the production site might change frequently(for lower transportation fee); the raw material might not be sufficient from time to time, the production will not be going on for 24 hours, so biodiesel processor might become a waste of investment.
Portable biodiesel processor could also be used by individuals, if they have sufficient supply of waste oil from the neighborhood, they would be able to produce enough biodiesel for their vehicle or farm equipments.