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Quality Control in Wheat Flour Mill Plant-Flour Color

In wheat flour mill plant, the only visible quality standard is flour color, it is also the key standard-the flour color would make a great difference in the final food products. And in the flour market, flour product with good color can be sold more easily at a better price.
Flour Color Introduction
Dried flour color: the dried unprocessed flour visual color.
Wet flour color: flour that have been soaked in hot water for a period of time.
What could affect the flour color
A lot of factors could affect flour color: endosperm color; latter stage of ripening of wheat; the flour bran speck content; wheat breed and the color of wheat kernel skin. Among them, the flour bran speck content is the aspect that can be controlled in wheat flour mill plant, and it is influenced by the following factors:
1. Improper distance between the rollers of skin grinding system.
2. Flour cleaning machine is not working or the flour quality is too low.
3. Sieve might be broken, the bran speck leaked into the flour.
4. Wrong size of sieve is used in the sieving system.

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