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Rice Husk Pellet Mill Application In Power Generation

In the cultivation of rice, except for the straw, rice husk is a kind of raw material which is also suitable in making pellet fuels, the rice husk could also be called hull and chaff is no longer the extra waste in the grain cultivation, it is now the extra profit for famers in Asian countries.

As 92 percent of the rice in the world is cultivated in China, Vietnam and Thailand, a couple of years ago, some of the local bio-fuel companies started to use rice husk to make fuel pellet for power generating, as the rice husk is only material that used in pellet making, the burning effect and heat value is more stable compared with other wood pellets, so long as it is suitable to be used as the fuel for power generation, it could also be used in the industrial and home heating systems and cooking.

If you happen to be living in a place where you can get large quantities of rice husk at very low price or even free, to start a rice husk pellet business is surely a great idea, all you need is the good quality rice husk pellet mill, and turn to AGICO-the expert of rice husk pellet mill machine is the right choice for you!