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Small Mobile Biomass Pellet Plant

Pellet materials include saw dust, branches, straw, rice husks, peanut shell and so on. The diameter of pellets is between 6mm and 12mm, the density is between 1.1t/m3 and 1.3t/m3, the moisture is 8% and below, maximum size of this small equipment is 3720x2080x2080, and the capacity is 40.65Kw.

Small biomass removal equipment is special pelleting equipment designed by our company. It has PLC start-up by order, double time control shaking sieve, and two operation modes including the manual and the automatic. Besides, the main appliances have grinder, cyclone, stock bin, screw elevator, feeding machine, ZLSO-R 300B pellet machine, cooling shaking sieve, bag-type duster, under frame, electric control cabinet and so on. What’s more, it is a perfect machine that is used to produce saw dust pellets, straw pellets and fodder.  

The mobile pellet plant through our R&D is manufactured for professional pelletization. Main equipments within it include pulverizer, cyclone separator, silo, feeder, pellet mill, vibrating screen, bag type dust collector, foundation frame and electric cabinet. It can not only pelletize sawdust, stalks and straw, but also process forage and fodder for animals.
The raw materials, also feedstock, cover sawdust, twigs, straw, rice husks, peanut shells and so on.
The range of diameter of pellets: 6-12mm, with pellet density of 1.1-1.3t/m3 and moisture content of ≤8%;
Overall size (L*W*H): 3720X2080X2080;
Total installed capacity: 40.65KW

Material range:
saw dust, peanut shell, bagasse, crop straw, rice straw, rice husks, sunflower shell, cotton stalk, bamboo, palm shell and so on.

Technology process:
grinder --- cyclone --- stock bin --- screw elevator --- feeding machine --- pelleting machine --- cooling shaking sieve --- bulk product --- air blower --- bag-type duster

Different materials are grinded by grinders into suited size. Next, the materials are put into the stock bins, and are transported by screw elevators into pelleting machines. Then, the materials are compressed by the pelleting machines into the pellets, and the pellets are put into cooling shaking sieves. After screening and cooling, the pellets can be packed and sold. Besides, the dust made in this system is absorbed in bag-type dusters.

Requirement of materials:
  1. The diameters of materials are not over 50mm. If your materials’ diameters are too big, you can tell us, and we will provide other grinders for you.
  1. The moisture of materials should be between 10% and 14%. If the moisture is too low, you need to add the moisture. If the moisture is too high, you need to drying them by the sun or dryers.
Features and advantages:
  1. Our machine has a compact structure, which make it save more room and convenient to move. Its size is just 3720x2080x2080, so that you can put it into your carriers without disassembly.
  2. Our machine chooses the PLC control system, which can save the expense of operation staff
  1. It has the one-touch control, and can start up and shut down automatically.
  1. There are kinds of materials you can use, including saw dust, peanut shell, bagasse, crop straw, rice straw, rice husks, sunflower shell, cotton stalk, bamboo, palm shell and so on.
  1. Pelletling machine can feed food with the different frequency, which made the speed under the control, and keep the work stable.
  1. The screw elevator is equipped with a frequency changer. By doing it, pelleting machine has the enough materials, and the box doesn’t have too much materials.
  1. For start-up and shutdown, it is manual and automatic. Having this feature, operation staff can save their labor. Besides, when the machine is under the automatic process, it has a function that the machine will give an alarm for accidents.
  1. The height of machine has been decreased obviously, so that it is convenient for transportation.