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The Difference between Hydraulic Press and Screw Press

There are basically two kind of oil mill machinery in the market: hydraulic press and screw press. The theories and differences of them are as follows:

The hydraulic press is the oil extraction equipment which uses liquid as the pressure transmission medium in accordance with the hydrostatic pressure transfer theory, to squeeze the grease out of oilseeds. It is a closed loop system composed of two parts: the hydraulic system and oil press body. It is mainly composed of pump stations, control valves, motors, electrical cabinets, cylinders, drums, rack components.

The screw press uses screw axis to force the feeding process, with the high temperature and pressure created by rotation and squeeze between the raw material and pressing ring, the oilseeds goes through the processes of crushing, squeezing and finally oil extraction. This oil extraction technology is widely used now, this screw press is mainly composed of rack, control cabinet, screw axis, the pressed ring.

The hydraulic press has mostly been replaced by screw press, although it has the advantages of simple structure, low energy consumption, it is not popular for the characteristics of the low oil extraction rate and production, large floor space, workshop temperature requirements. The screw presses are the widely used oil equipments for now, they are featured: continuous processing capacity, less time consume of dynamic squeeze, high oil extraction rate and low labor intensity.