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The Rape Seed Cleaning-Pretreatment Technology

Rapeseed is one of the main oil materials in the world, its oil content is much higher than the soybean; rape seed oil production has great develop potential, its cultivated area is only a little less than soybean. Pretreatment of oil materials is very crucial in the oil mill plant, while the cleaning part is the most important section as it affects the effect of subsequent process equipments. As the same as other oilseed materials, the raw rapeseed materials contains organic impurities, inorganic impurities and oil containing impurities. The main methods and details are as follows:

Wind separation: The impurities with specific densities can be removed with adjustment of wind speed, it is irreplaceable as it not only separate the heavy items like stones and metal, but also the dust and other light impurities.

Screening separation: This method can separate the impurities with different shapes and sizes by equipping with sieves of different models; the impurities are filtered out of the seeds with the vibration of screen, this is a simple and effective traditional method. Magnetic separation: The metal impurities are very harmful to the subsequent process equipments, they would cause the malfunctions and the more tear and ware of the machines, shorten the service life and reduce the efficiency, especially for the equipments with high speed, so it is very important to remove them for the production safety.

Mud separation: Some of the mud items have similar sizes, shape and density as the rapeseed, but their machinery feature are different, so light milling would turn the mud into dust without damage to the rapeseed, then use wind to blow the dust away. This is the final step of rapeseed cleaning, after the mud is removed, the rapeseed material is ready for the flaking process.