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The potential development directions of biomass energy

In the last article we get to know the 3 basic methods of processing biomass energy: solidify, liquefaction and gasification, in order to maximum the transformation rate, many research centers and bio-energy companies are trying to find the most efficient and costless ways of bio-energy production. Here I list some examples:

Biodiesel technology: with transesterification process of vegetable oil, we can make the oil characteristics similar with diesel, so it would be an ideal replacement of diesel, chemical method and enzymatic method are both available. The main problems are reducing the power consumption and cost; find the resource of materials; increase the financial benefit, upgrade the biodiesel equipments and so on. Biomass briquetting technologies: it mainly refers to the screw press, roller forming and piston forming, the main problems are high wear and tear, short service life; high energy consumption.

Two step biomass-gasification power generation technology: this technology is used to produce the purer and clean gas fuel by the tar complete pyrolysis process (twice gasification progress), thus realize the depuration of fuel and make the power generation system and gas equipment working more stable and efficient, the energy transformation rate is increased by 10%.

Circulating fluidized bed-gasification power generation technology: this technology uses straw and other bio-waste together with coal as materials to generate electricity. It has the advantages of reducing the coal consumption and carbon dioxide, high efficiency of gasification and power generation.

Fuel ethanol produced with biomass matter: the fuel ethanol can be used on the car as the replacement of oil or material of mixed fuel.

There are many other technologies coming up and I believe it is only a matter of time before we realize the scale production and Commercialization of biomass energy.