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Used Cooking Oil Better Goes To the Biodiesel Oil Press

One important rules of developing biodiesel oil is that it doesn’t increase the food and oil pressure of the society, and that means the biodiesel raw material shall be the waste oil or the oil plants, the unusual climate around the world makes people’s awareness of protecting the environment, one of the feasible ways is to recycle the used cooking oil to the biomass oil production, methanol and ethanol are the 2 main forms of chemical liquid that used in production of biodiesel oil. Compared with the fossil fuels, biodiesel has the following features: Low sulfur and aromatics content, the high flash point, high cetane number, and good lubricity; the water content could be high, sometimes 30%-45%, the water content ensures the stability by lowering the oil viscosity as well as the heat value, the biodiesel shall be stored in a sealed tank that is anti-acid corrosion, and light should be avoided.


Used cooking oil is a good resource of biodiesel, once the biodiesel industry is developed, the biodiesel made from the used cooking oil each year would be enough for you as the fuel for house heater in the winter.