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Vegetable Oil Price Will Recover In the Next Few Months

The price of palm oil, which takes 1/3 of the oil and fats consumption of the world, is going to rise as the consequences of the harvest decline in Malaysia, the heavy rain seemed to have pushed the palm oil price up away from the three year low point, Malaysia is the number 2 grower of palm trees in the world, with the draughts and increasing demand from countries which has large populations, the vegetable oils stock pile has been decreasing, and the US government’s policy has been supporting the development of biodiesel, the raw materials are mainly maize, it now has to face the problem of lack of vegetable oil supplies and seek for more alternatives as the solutions. 

vegetable oil

However the vegetable oil prices in our market is decided not only by the price in international market, but also the local vegetable oil market and sometimes the prices are manipulated, from this perspective, the vegetable oil price would be more stable if there are more suppliers, is there enough suppliers in your market? If you are looking for the information of the best vegetable oil press made in China, contact us now for it!