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Which Hammer Mill Should I Buy?

Crushing is one of the important parts of pellet processing. As devices used in factories or on farms to shred or crush aggregate materials, hammer mills can deal with wood, sawdust, straw, stalks, rice husks, etc. into smaller pieces, so as to be well-prepared for subsequent steps like pelletizing, cooling and sieving. There are so many types of hammer mills on the market for consumers to choose from. Then what kind of hammer mill is best suited to our needs?
A typical hammer mill

1. Select corresponding hammer mills whose line speed matches the required fineness of the product.
If the line speed of hammers does not match the fineness of product, the efficiency of the mill will be reduced, and the mill even cannot work properly. Low line speed causes longer crushing time, which will cause the material to be piled in the crushing chamber, which brings poorer efficiency and effect, and increase the resistance to the hammers. On the other hand, too fast line speed can cause uneven granularity and wasteful power consumption. Generally, the finer the material requires, the higher line speed hammer mill we should adopt.

2. Select hammer mills according to the required scale of production.
The size of the mill model determines its production. According to the configuration of crushing process, the output of the selected machine should be 10% larger than designed production.

3. The gap between hammer and sieve cannot be too large or too small.
Here the gap means the one from the end of the hammer to the sieving slice. When the gap is too large, some material that is far away from the hammer will hardly be hit by it, meanwhile the sieve friction on material will be weakened due to low speed, so the finished products will not be fine enough. If the gap is too small, the speed of the material on the sieve is too high to go through the sieve hole, which makes the effect of friction more prominent to make the material too fine, and that is not conducive to powder evacuation.

In addition to those mentioned above, there are also many other things to pay attention to. To know more about hammer mills or other related machines, please keep concerned about us.