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What Are The Raw Materials for Wood Pellet Machine?

Wood pellet machine is used to make sawdust into biomass fuel pellets, which can be used as fuel. The raw materials of wood pellet machine are some useless materials in life and production, which have been processed to realize the reuse of resources. But for wood pellet machine, not all of these materials can produce pellets. Next, we will introduce the raw material sources and requirements of the wood pellet machine to help you better use the wood pellet machine.

Raw Materials For Wood Pellet Machine
  1. Crop residues. Crop residues include cotton straw, wheat straw, rice straw, corn straw, corn cob and  straw of other cereals. The so-called "crop residues" can be used not only as raw materials for energy generation, but also for other purposes. Corn cob can be used as the main raw material for the production of xylitol, furfural and other chemical products. Corn straw, wheat straw, cotton stalk and other straws can be treated and mixed with resin to produce fiberboard. Straw can also be directly returned to the field as fertilizer.
  2. Sawdust sawn by band saw. The sawdust sawn by band saw has good granularity. The produced pellets have stable output, smooth granules, high hardness and low energy consumption.
  3. Small shavings in furniture factories. The particle size is relatively large, so shavings are not easy to enter the wood pellet machine, the wood pellet machine is easy to plug. The shavings need to be used after crushing.
  4. Sand powder from board and furniture factories. Sand gloss powder has a light proportion, is not easy to enter the sawdust granulator, and is easy to plug. It is suggested that sand powder and wood sawdust should be granulated together, and the proportion of sand powder and wood sawdust should be about 50%.
  5. Leftovers of the boards and chips. The leftovers of the boards and chips need to be crushed before they can be used.
  6. Fibrous material. Fibrous materials should control the length of fibers, generally not more than 5 mm in length.

The use of wood pellet machine not only solves the problem of waste storage, but also brings new benefits. However, wood pellet machine has requirements for raw materials. Only by meeting the requirements of these raw materials can produce better pellets.