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AGICO oil expeller makes healthy and safe oil for your kids

The kids are the society’s future, one big concern of the kids in recent years is the intake of enough nutritional matters for the growth of the body and brain, although vegetable oil is recommended as the healthy oil, it could do harm to your body if taken too much according to the recent studies, and there are also some more new conceptions come up recently, check the following tips for updating your knowledge on edible oils:

68 screw expeller

  1. Medical professionals and researchers from Japan believes that linoleic acid reduces serum cholesterol is only a temporary effect, the improper intake of large amount of vegetable oil may cause thrombosis and heart attacks in the long term.
  2. Some of the oil product are described as have all the good effect, and that’s not the truth, the healthy situation for the French is better than people from other countries partially because the they take in more kinds of oils, you can get more comprehensive nutritional matters if your edible oil list has varieties.
  3. The fat in the meat(animal oil) is not always bad for us, if it is cooked in the right way, for example, boil it for about 2 hours, would reduce the saturated fatty acid and increase the unsaturated fatty acid amount in times.
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