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Animal Feed Mill for Sale from GEMCO

Animal feed mill is becoming one essential equipment of the poultry factory, according to the related data. The poultry industry structure has changed a lot, so is the feed product industry, how to reduce the cost and increase the trace element becomes the major problem. The straw biochemical protein processing is the solution to this problem, this process includes the steps like crushing, fermentation, pellet making, etc. It softens the lignin, degradation of crude fiber, crude protein, crude fat, a lot of thalli protein are created, it makes the nutritional matters easier to be absorbed by the animals.

flat die pelleting press
pellet press with diesel generator

The pellet feed has the following advantages:

  1. The feed pellet contains more raw materials, it can prevent the animal from choosy in food.
  2. In the pellet forming progress, the heat will cause a certain degree of maturing of the raw material, and the pellet feed become sweet and tasty, it helps increasing the absorption and conversion rate of the feed.
  3. According to different period of raising, the formula can be adjusted for the fast growing speed of the animals.
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