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Complete Cassava Flour Milling Plant Introduction

GEMCO is one complete cassava flour milling plant manufacturer in China, you can get the models with the capacity range from 3-30 tons/h, if you has the intention to know the details of cassava flour miller, send a message or make a call now!

Cassava Plant Introduction:

Cassava, sweet potato, potato are the 3 main potato species in the world, it has now developed into over 100 different plants. The economic plant cassava is only one of them, others plants grows in wild areas. From the taste, cassava can be divided into 2 types: sweet and bitter. Sweet ones can be processed directly or made into canned food.

Cassava Flour Milling Plant Working Principle:

Cassava flour milling method uses physical separation theory, which means separate the starch away from the cellulose and inorganic matters. In the production progress: the starch doesn’t dissolve in cold water and it’s weight is larger than water, so with water and the separation device, the starch can be extracted from the mixture.

Raw Material Quality:

The raw material contains fresh cassava and dried cassava slices, the raw material must remain fresh at the very beginning, with no mud, sand, roots and other impurities; the dried cassava slices need to be clean and no worm conditions.