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Great News-Wood Pelleting Presses New Sales to Customer from Italy

In the last few years, many young people who graduated from colleges and universities joined in the GEMCO, this is the new power for GEMCO, now it is November 17th,the International Collegiate Day, although we are not student any more, we are still holding on the dreams that we had before-making this world a better place. Several days before, one of our young sales man sold a wood pelleting press to a new Italian customer, we shared the joy as the young group in GEMCO, GEMCO focus on the biomass energy industry which might be the solution for the petroleum situation. Young people are the hope and future of the world, we are glad we can be a part of the power that can change the world.

wood pelleting press

The wood pelleting presses is one main product that manufactured by GEMCO, if you are a professional on pelleting presses and small pellet plant, you would know that the design and technology we use are more mature than the same product from other manufactures, we believe that the Italian market is going to be the one of the many markets around the world for us, if you like our wood pelleting press, contact us for more details now!