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How to Choose the Ring Die Pelleting Press in the Right Way

In the pellet production, ring die is a key part of the pelleting press machine, choose the ring die carefully would help you increase the service life and the yield.

ring die pelleting press

First of all, choose among the ring dies with high quality, there are 3 characteristics to consider: choose the right ring die shape, opening ratio and compression ratio basic on the raw material type, the pellet formula and the yield. Generally speaking, straight holes and stepped holes are suitable to process the raw materials with low fiber content; the outer conical hole however, is suitable to process the defatted rice bran and other fiber rich raw materials; inner conical hole can process the raw materials with small proportion like the crushed grass. In some cases, with the proper compression ratio of the ring die, the ring die is too thin to keep in good shape, sometimes it would break in the production. Low compression ratio is good for the yield, lowering the power consumption and reducing the ware, but it could cause the following problems like: lowering the pellet quality(low density, easy to scatter, various pellet lengths, high powder rate). The high compression ratio would help produce higher quality pellet with the production cost increased.


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