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Make Your Grass Pellets with Grass Pelletizer Machines

Conventionally, heating fuels are derived from forests, whether woodchips or cordwood. However, more and more crops for energy have been specifically grown to meet the increasing needs for clean and economical energy, especially in recent years. And there are quite a lot of grass species to choose as the pellet energy. Usually they use a grass pelletizer machine, which is the tool device that can most conveniently produce grass pellets.
Grass pellets

What benefits can we get when we choose grass pellets made with the grass pelletizer machine? There are three "E"s.
1. Environmentally friendly
Like wood pellets, grass pellets are also a clean and renewable energy that is ecologically sound. It is estimated that many kinds of grass pellets, such as switch grass pellets, are able to produce at most 90% less greenhouse gases than traditional fossil fuels, which will largely contribute to the energy conservation.
2. Easy to get
There is a saying, "It takes 70 days to grow a crop of grass pellet fuel, but it takes 70 million years to grow a crop of fossil fuel." That is one of the advantages of grass pellet fuel made by grass pelletizer machine. You cannot repeat the generation process of fossil energy in a relatively short time due to its irreproducibility; however, you can quite grow a large amount of grass and convert it into grass pellets for combustion. All you need is a grass pelletizer machine, which can not only turn the waste material into wealth but also create economic value in commerce.
3. Economical
You may worry about the costs of burning grass pellets. In fact, since you can get the raw materials very easily, burning grass pellets is much cheaper than coal or oil. With a relatively high heating value of around 4500 kcal/kg and low cost of grass pelletizer machines, grass pellets are much more conveniently produced and efficiently burned.
Besides, ash from herbaceous plants is highly alkaline, which can be used as a liming agent to increase soil pH.
After reading the details above, you must have your own idea in mind. Taking the local situation into account, you are sure to make an informed decision. Contact us whenever you need to purchase a grass pelletizer machine.