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The Advantages of Expeller Press Machines Manufactured By AGICO

In the world economy nowadays, the developments of the corporations have to fit in with the real needs of the society, or they will be abandoned by the new developed forces.

Oil Expeller Press Machines 68 screw expeller

Oil Expeller Press Machines for Sale

The expeller press machines manufactured by AGICO are benefited from the large investment of long term R and D. Compared with the former types of machines, and many changes have been made in the manufacture of the machines, thus the efficiency of the expeller press machines is improved. The oil extraction rate is not decided only by the expeller press process, it is being said that the roasting of the oilseeds could affect the oil extraction rate at 70% while the expeller press machine only effect 30% or less. The integrated filter system is improved too, the pressure of the filter is enhanced, the oil pressing and the filtering works simultaneously to improve the efficiency, so the expeller presses of AGICO have been well received by the customers from different countries. The oil extraction efficiency is very stable and not affected by the climate differences, if you are looking for the best oil expeller press machines, send us a message now for more details!