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Wood pellet quality experiment on crack forming

Wood pellets and briquette are produced with the help of press force, good quality of the wood pellet could be reflected in many aspects: high density, easy to transport, easy storage, etc. Cracks are more easily to appear when wood pellet are exposed to the open air, on one hand, it has lowered the product quality, on the other hand, it has affected the product easiness on storage and transportation, it does no good to the promotion of wood pellet and large scale application.
Experiment material: sawdust from wood processing factory, cotton stalk, corn straw and pure wood sawdust.
Experiment method: Compare the product quality and cracks by controlling raw material type, water content, mechanic pressure degree, temperature, feeding speed and length of the die.
Pretreatment: remove the impurities in raw material, crush them into certain particle degree, dry them into different water content.
1. Test the raw material difference on product quality, change the water content of each raw material and retest to get the best water content ranges.
2. Change the temperature of the wood pellet forming condition and record the crack forming results.
3. Expose the wood pellet in the open air for 7 days, measure and record the length and depth of cracks.


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