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Pig Feed Pellet Machine: Which Is Better For Raising Pigs, Pig Feed Or Grass

Brief introduction of two types of feed

Pig feed and grass are the common foods for pigs in pig-raising industry. Which is better for raising pigs, pig feed or grass. The question is not easy and simple. It can be concluded based on the analysis and comparison of the two different types of feed from multiple aspects.

Analysis of two types of feed.

Analysis on cost of two types of feed.

First of all, when it comes to feeding cost, grass for pigs costs much less than the pig feed. It does not need a large input of machines and fertilizer during the growth of plant. At the same time, grass can also reduce the cost of feed procurement and storage to some extent for smallholder farmers. 

Analysis on pig growth of two types of feed.

However, the advantage of feed become more apparent when it comes to growth rate and health status of pigs. The feed at present mixed with multiple materials at usual. Scientific mixture ratio can be made based on the different growth phase of pigs. It ensures that pigs can receive comprehensive nutrition and sufficient energy, which encourages the healthy growth and high yields of pigs from your farm.
The grass has insufficient nutrition than pig feed, and the growth of plant is more susceptible to climate and season. it has negative effects on the healthy growth of pigs, especially in winter and other dry seasons.

Analysis on convenience of two types of feed.

In addition, feed is more convenient than grass during the feeding process without the limitation of seasons and climates, which can achieve precise feeding. By comparison, the growth cycle and environment of grass have negative effects on rising pigs. It requires a large input of labor and material resources.
Feed industry is a material foundation of the development of modern animal husbandry, not only makes good use of existing agriculture, but also provides a strong basis and conditions for the production of food deriving from animal, on which human beings depend to live and develop.

Analysis on their own advantages and disadvantages.

By comprehensive consideration, pig feed and grass have their own advantages and disadvantages in different aspects. Pig feed is more common than another one and widely used in modern animal husbandry.
Scientific mixture ratio can be made based on the different growth phase of pigs, which encourages healthy growth and high yields of pigs from your farm. With the improving of production technology, feed is also constantly upgraded to improve the nutritional value and safety. 

Choose a proper pig feed pellet machine

With the development of modern animal husbandry, The type of feed production including different kinds of processing methods had a significantly increase. The characteristics of the modern animal husbandry development: the scale is expanded, the yield is enhanced, the farming technology is improved. And Most poultry farmers have to rely on commercially manufactured feeds.
The type of feed is directly related to the development animal farming industry and also to the quality and safety of animal products. Therefore, it is necessary to choose appropriate feed types based on the specific situation in the actual production, and combine scientific farming

management and technical means to achieve efficient, healthy and sustainable farming.
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