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Follow-up Processes after Pelletizing

After being pelletized with the pellet mill in the biomass pellet plant, you have won half the battle, because the finished pellets cannot directly be packaged. "But why?" we heard your question. In fact, the pellets that are just discharged from the pellet mill have a very high temperature of nearly 80 degrees centigrade or higher, and the moisture content is around 15%. They are so loose, and can easily be cracked soon during transportation. Therefore pellets must be cooled to the room temperature (at most 5 degrees centigrade higher), during which the moisture will also be reduced to less than 10%, so that they can be packaged, stored and transported without being damaged.
A counterflow cooler

Since cooling is such an essential part of the biomass pellet plant, how is it finished? A cooler, or cooling machine, will solve the problem. There are many types of coolers, the most common one of which is the counterflow cooler. It is composed of the feeding segment, the bracket, the discharge port, etc. Cool airflow outside the machine is blown upward into the machine from the bottom. After sufficient contact with the encountered pellets, needless heat will be removed from the pellets so that the purpose of cooling is achieved.

Usually there is still a sieving system equipped. A vibrating screen is often adopted. It can screen out the powder and make it return to the previous processes to be re-pelletized, so as to ensure the quality of manufactured biomass pellet fuel. Sometimes the sieving system is integrated into the cooling one, which is called cooling & screening machine.
A biomass pellet packing machine

After all the processes above, the pellets can be packaged with a packing machine. All you need to do is set the weight and bagging speed in advance, and then it will precisely pack the pellets according to the preset data, which is simple and convenient.
That is the follow-up procedure in the biomass pellet plant. Each process is closely linked to the others, thus working together to complete the pelletizing task. Hope this helps.