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Mini Coal Ball Briquette Machine-Bearing Maintaining

Bearing condition is a key factor for the mini coal ball briquette machine to running normally, the operator has to check the bearing part regularly to ensure the production safety, and achieve a higher yield. And here are several advices for bearing tests of your coal ball briquette machine.
1. The clearance of bearing has to be well designed, this is for better fitness and long service life.
2. Make sure in the no-load run test, clearance of the bearing fits well and works fine.
3. The stress condition of the bearing can be adjusted with reinforcing rib and changing the stress point.
What is affecting the worn form and worn degree of bearing
One main problem is that the distance between stress point of the bearing and supporting point, so smaller distance between the 2 points could reduce a large proportion of stress, bearing could keep in good condition for a longer time.