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Four Roller Briquette Press

Four Rollers Double Pressing Briquette Press can supply higher pressure and higher intensity during production of briquettes, it's mainly used in the briquettes making of various color and black metallic ore powder. It can be used to make briquettes from coal powder, charcoal powder and coke powder with binder.

roller briquette press coal briquette press

This type of briquette press  is a national patent product in China. It have two larger rollers in a fixed position in the frame, the other two smaller rollers are moveable. As the named implies, it has four rollers and  can press briquettes for two times, so it make briquettes stronger and in higher density.

The output briquette is in high quality and strong (not easy broken) that won't be broken when dropped from 150-250cm height. Meanwhile, it is easy for combustion, no smell and last longer when burning.

Four Roller Briquette Press Parameters

Model GCXM-4 GCXM-6 GCXM-8 GCXM-10 GCXM-15 GCXM-20 GCXM-30
Producing Capacity 4TPH 6TPH 8TPH 10TPH 15TPH 20TPH 30TPH
Width of Roller (mm) 240 250 280 300 336 400 500
Diameter of Roller (mm) 360 400 450 550 650 750 850
Power (kw) 7.5-15 11-18.5 15-22 18.5-30 30-45 55-75 75-90
Speed of Main Shaft (r/min) 18 15 15 13 13 13 10
Retarder ZQ350 ZQ400 ZQ400 ZQ500 ZQ500 ZQ500 ZQ650 ZQ650  ZQ750 ZQ750 ZQ850
Type of pressure Mechanical Mechanical & Hydraulic
Material of roller 65Mn 65Mn  9cr2Mn
Form of structure Four roller double press
Bearing of Main Shaft 319*4 2097724*4
Main Shaft D:95mm  45#steel D:110mm 45#steel D:120mm 45# steel D:135mm
Forging steel
D:165mm Forging steel D:165mm Forging steel D:250mm Forging steel
Shape and Size According to your request

Rollers of Briquette Press

The briquette press has two larger rollers in a fixed position in the frame; the other two smaller rollers are movable. As its named implied, it has four rollers and do twice pressing in production of briquettes, so the briquette is stronger and in higher density, the surface of briquettes is smoohter.

press roller roller parts for briquette