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Mobile Biomass Pellet Machine Pros And Cons-part1

New studies and researches on biomass pellet machine keeps going on in the biomass fuel machinery plants, one of the many obstacles is the cost issue in biomass pellet production, and  the cost could occur in different processes, here are the basic analyzes of cost in biomass pellet plant, it might be valuable for production of other products.
Cost in biomass pellet plant
Briefly speaking, there are costs from 2 aspect-in the pellet plant and out of the pellet plant. In the pellet plant means the technology and working principle of pellet production; out of the pellet plant means the raw material price, transportation fee, packaging and storage cost, etc.
Why develop mobile biomass pellet machine?
Wood pellet is a kind of biomass fuel, the raw material comes from all kinds of biomass matters, and most of these places are scattered and far away from the cities, usually the transportation conditions are not well. So as anyone who is in the pellet fuel business would know, the transportation fee is a major part in the whole cost. That’s why people would like to have a wood pellet machine that is easy to move to another place,  it is the most logical and sustainable choice. 

                                                 Small pellet plant        pellet plant