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November 20th is the world Children Day, this event was first started by UN in 1986 with the purpose of making people concentrate on the problems of children in developing countries, now since the fat is becoming more and more common around the world, especially in America, so what kind of food is better for the children, AGICO would like to suggest you-Corn flour, it has another name-maize flour, which is one kind of coarse food grain, and it is authorized the top healthy food of the cereals, in China people would like to use maize flour to make all kinds of pasta and soup, and one popular food around the world-pop corn.

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The corn flour in food processing can be divided into 2 types-maize meal and flour by the degree of the milling, their health care functions makes people care more about the use of the corns, in America a large amount of maize harvested each year turned to be the raw material of ethanol for bio-diesel fuel, now with the food crisis in the world, this policy is making the corn price higher, on this special day, as a corn mill manufacturer, AGICO believes that there are other ways of making biodiesel, with more corn used as food, and the development of the corn mill business and industry, the world will be a better world for the children in both developing and developed countries.