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Advantages of Mechanical Stamping Briquetting Equipment

There is an array of briquetting equipment on the market nowadays, and the mechanical stamping briquetting equipment is a popular one with no doubt. Why is it so popular? We've summed up the advantages of our mechanical stamping briquetting equipment below.

 1. High capacity
A mechanical stamping briquetting equipment is able to afford high-intensity continuous operation. You can completely run the machine 24 hours a day, with a production of 0.5 - 1.2 tons/hour on average.
2. High briquette density
For mechanical stamping briquetting equipment, the molding of material is affected by the pressure and temperature. A slider-crank mechanism is adopted to help do work with high frequency, high pressure and high temperature, making the density of products reach 1,000 - 1,300 kg/m3 with a good adaptability.
3. Long mold life
Compared with screw or other briquetting equipment, the mechanical stamping briquetting equipment has a longer life, which is its most significant advantage. The molding part is made of alloy steel. Triple penetration and vacuum hardening treatment greatly extend the service life of the mold to 300 - 500 tons. The life of the punch can even reach 1,000 tons.
4. Multi-function design
After research and development, we successfully developed the "two in one" mechanical stamping briquetting equipment - not only suitable for bars or blocks, but also for pellets. It can produce briquettes with a range of diameters of 8/10/22/30/70 etc. mm.
5. Simple operation
The mechanical stamping briquetting equipment has a high degree of automation; therefore less labor (only 2 people) is needed. Either artificial or automatic feeding is acceptable.
6. Cost-efficient
A lot of techniques and features are added to the briquette equipment, and also the affordability of users are taken into account, especially the processing costs.

In addition to these points, the mechanical stamping briquetting equipment also share some advantages, for instance, the wide applicability to various raw materials with other kinds of briquetting equipment. We now have high-quality mechanical stamping briquetting equipments for sale. If you are interested in our products and want to learn more details, please leave a message below or pick up the phone to contact us.

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