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Rail insulator

Rail insulator is installed between steel rail and rail tie plate. It serves to insulate rail clips and track bolts from the railway sleepers, as well as adjust the rail gauge. The function of rail insulator is the same as rail pad. As an essential part for the high speed and heavy railroad, they are effective to ensure the safety of rail track.

railway insulators

Our rail insulators are made of reinforced Nylon 6 and Nylon 66 (PA66), with glass fiber of 20%-35%. These materials are UV stabilized and can be colored with various colors.

Our rail insulators are simple to install and adjust, without being unbolt or adding multiple pads. They can be used in steel rails like 60kg UIC rail, 136RE rail, 90R, 75R, 50R and 60R etc. As for the package, we can provide double-layer woven bag and fumigation wooden pallets according to customers’ requirements.

Parameters of Rail Insulator

Technical Parameter Unit Technical Requirement Value
Density g/cm 1.3-1.45 1.45
Tensile Strength Mpa ≥170 178
Elongation % ≤4.4 4.0
Bending Strength Mpa ≥250 290
Impact Strength (No gap) KJ/m2 ≥80 85
Melting Point 250 - 270 270
Insulation Resistance Ω ≥1×108 5×108
Glass Fiber Content % 30-35 35
Hardness HRR ≥110 118

Various types of rail insulator

To apply to various rail fastening system, we provide different types of rail insulator. Among these varieties, the most popular types are E-type, SKL and Nabla rail insulators.

E-type Rail Insulator

E-type rail insulator can coordinate with E-clip, rail shoulder and rail pads in E-clip rail fastening system.

E type rail insulator E type rail fastening system

SKL Rail Insulator

SKL rail insulator is used in SKL rail fastening system, installed with SKL tension clips, screw spike, rail pads, plastic dowel and flat washer. It is also known as guide plate.

SKL rail insulator SKL rail fastening system

Nabla Rail Insulator

Nabla rail insulator is a part of Nabla rail fastening system, combined with Nabla clips, screw spikes and spring washer.

nabla rail insulator nabla rail fastening system