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Brick Briquette Press

Application: standard bricks, blocks, perforated bricks, paving bricks, etc. can be produced with various molds.

Process: automatic pallet conveyance, automatic leading-out and hydraulic molding.

  1. The series of brick and block making machine are solid and durable for its four guiding columns and patent lengthening sleeve guide.
  2. The forced mold synchronous structure gives the products perfect shape and high strength. And the stable demolding process ensures the output of more finished products.

Environmental Protection: The series brick briquette presses conform to the standard of environmental protection with no polution water, slag and waste steam in the process of production.

Second Raw Material feeding System can be required by clients' needs.

Clay Brick Making Machines

brick making machine
Item Clay Brick Making Machines
Model XK400
Capacity(pcs/10hrs) 100000--120000
Motor 55
Size (mm) 3500*1800*1500
Weight(t) 4.3

Compelet line for Clay Brick Making Machine

  1. Box Feeder
  2. Rubber Belt Conveyor
  3. Double-Roller Crusher
  4. Double-Shaft Mixer
  5. Rubber Belt Conveyor
  1. Extruder
  2. Automatic Clay Slug Cutter
  3. Green Brick(Adobe) Cutter
  4. Firing & Drying
  5. Final Product

MSZ60-8A High Pressure Brick Making Machines

brick press

Complete line for Brick Making Machines

  1. Mixer
  2. Belt conveyor
  3. Grind mill
  4. Material tank
  5. Belt conveyor
  6. Feeder
  7. Brick making machine
Producing capacity (pcs/h) 2000
Nominal pressure (KN) 600
Former number (unit) 8
Rotating speed of crankshaft (r/min) 33.3
Rotating speed of gyroscope wheel (r/min) 4.17
Motor for the host machine Y160l-6.11KW
V-belt(mm) 5-Btype 4500mm
Motor for feeder Y100K2-4.3KW
V-belt(mm) 3-A type 1650mm
Overall dimensions(mm) 3500*1800*2250
Gross weight(kg) 5800

Automatic Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

hydraulic brick press

Complete Line for Hydraulic Brick Making Machine

  1. PLDE-1200 electronic material feeder
  2. JS-500 double shaft blender
  3. Material tank
  4. ST-500 belt conveyor
  5. Plate conveyor
  6. Brick making machine
  7. Plate discharger
  8. Stacking machine
Producing capacity 15seconds/mould
Vibration frequency 3920times/min
Pressure of oil pump 30Mpa/cm
Maximum pressure 230KN
Electric motor Y180L-4-22kw
Gross weight 11.5t
Overall dimensions 1090*2100*2770mm
Specifications 390*190*190 air block,6/mould,
240*115*90 small air block,21/mould
240*115*53 standard brick,39/mould
250*250*60 road brick,6/mould
225*111*60 road brick 21/mould
200*100*60 road brick,24.mould