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Vertical Dryer

This type of dryer can be used in the drying and dehydration of coal briquettes, fine coke and black nonferrous metals. This is the most ideal equipment for large and medium companies in the production lines.

The moisture of output briquettes can be in the range of 2-4%.

vertical dryer

The Specification of Vertical Dryer for Briquetting

Model Producing Capacity (TPH) Power (kw) Time for Drying Temperature for Drying Consumption of Coal (kg/hr)
GCLG2200 4-6 22 3 hours 150-250℃ 50
GCLG2500 6-8 37 3 hours 150-250 ℃ 80
GCLG3000 10-12 45 3 hours 150-250 ℃ 100